Engineered for durability, security, and timeless style, Composite Doors are the ultimate choice for homeowners seeking to elevate their living spaces. Composite Doors offer unparalleled strength, insulation, and resistance to weather elements. With their versatile designs and customizable features, Composite Doors seamlessly enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any home, adding both curb appeal and value. As the demand for Composite Doors continues to soar, join the growing number of homeowners who are opting for these premium solutions to transform their houses into havens of comfort, security, and style. Experience the difference with our range of Composite Doors today!

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Composite doors offer exceptional levels of durability, strength and impact-resistance. Door slabs also overlap with the frame; ensuring the door is fully sealed and providing enhanced thermal and weather performance.

• Double rebated Composite Doors are 70mm in width
• 8-point Hook Locking System as standard
• Full Colour Palate available
• Countless Glazing Options

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